Campus Closures

The following provides information regarding campus closures due to emergencies and weather conditions. Detroit Mercy encourages all faculty, staff, students, visitors and friends to register for the Free Alert System to receive alerts when the University closes.

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  • Emergency Closure and Class Cancellation Procedure

    The following school closure and class cancellation procedure is written to ensure the safety of faculty, staff and students. Detroit Mercy strongly encourages everyone to register for the RAVE Emergency Alert System at  to receive closure and school delay information, as well as emergency alerts through cell phones and other electronic devices. 


    University or Campus Closing: University campuses or a designated campus are closed for a period of time with no classes in session and no offices are open or events taking place on the date of closure. (Only security and essential personnel should report.)

    Classes Cancelled but Staff Reports: No classes are in session for a specific period of time on all or designated campuses, but administrators and staff must report. Administrative offices are open.

    Late Start: In the event of inclement weather when, for a limited period of time, the University will announce a “Late Start.” An announced two-hour delay would mean a 10 a.m. opening for the University. Classes that start before the late start time of 10 a.m. but cross over to 10 a.m. (e.g., classes that are scheduled 9:30-10:30 a.m.) will be cancelled. This delay will be for two hours, using 8 a.m. as the regular opening time. Employees whose functions are required earlier than 8 a.m. should consult their area vice president for instructions. Employee safety will guide the decision that is made. Classes scheduled during the hours affected by the delay will be cancelled.

    Essential Personnel: Employees who are required to report to their designated work location to ensure the operation of essential functions or departments during an emergency or when the University has suspended operations. Essential Personnel are expected to come to work in emergency situations unless they are specifically excused by their department. If an employee calls in sick, medical documentation is required. Failure to report to work as directed may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

    Detroit Mercy has identified the following areas as essential to maintaining continuous operations during severe weather conditions and other emergencies:

    • Department of Public Safety.
    • Facilities Operations.
    • Information Technology.
    • Academic & Student Services.
    • University Leadership.
    • Marketing & Communications.
    This listing is not intended to be all inclusive. Additionally, on a case-by-case basis, employees may be designated as essential by University leadership based on the nature of the emergency and/or the availability of other personnel. 香港六合彩开奖 is committed to community safety and continuation of essential operations during severe weather conditions and other emergencies. 

    Closure & Class Cancellation Policy

    1. Detroit Mercy determines evening class cancellations by 2 p.m. and morning class cancellations by 5 a.m.
    2. Detroit Mercy will announce any campus closures via the RAVE Alert System, the news media, University home page and University social media resources. All faculty, staff and students enrolled in the RAVE Alert System will receive closure and delay information.
    3. If a campus closure is announced, all classes, offices, events and programs are considered closed and cancelled unless otherwise stated. However, athletic events may still take place. Information pertaining to athletic events during a closure will be made on the 香港六合彩开奖 Titan Athletics website and social media resources.
    4. The Titan Dining Room will remain open for students residing on campus.
    5. During weather-related closures or delays, campuses will not host classes, events, programs until the official opening time stated in announcements noted in No. 3 above.
    6. The procedure for any Friday evening or Saturday classes will be the same as the weekday procedure.

    Employees and commuting students should always use sound personal judgment regarding the safety of their travel when deciding whether to report to work or classes.

    On-Campus Severe Weather Policy & Procedure

    In the event of severe weather warnings such as dangerous thunderstorms or tornado warnings, Detroit Mercy will follow the procedures below in all University facilities.   

    1. Remain in the building. Occupants should not attempt to vacate the premise, drive, or seek shelter in cars.
    2. Seek shelter immediately in interior rooms on the lowest level.
    3. Evacuate all offices, rooms or hallways with windows and glass or with exterior walls.
    4. Move to interior areas (such as classrooms, halls, restrooms, storage areas) and, if possible, take shelter under tables or desks. Every attempt should be made to put as many walls as possible between occupants and the outside.
    5. Lie low with hands covering the back of your head to reduce injury.
    6. Wait for the “all clear” from RAVE Alert System.   
    7. Detroit Mercy faculty are asked to announce in classes that all students are to follow the severe weather procedures and follow the directions of the building administrator when severe weather warnings are issued.
    8. For more information regarding emergency preparedness, please visit

Late Start and Class Cancellation FAQs

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  • In case of inclement weather or other safety conditions, what does a 鈥渓ate start鈥 designation mean?

    At times when weather conditions pose a safety hazard for students, faculty and staff who drive to Detroit Mercy campuses, the University may designate a “late start” to the school day. This delay will be for two hours, using 8 a.m. as the regular opening time. An announced two-hour delay would mean a 10 a.m. opening.
  • Would this late start apply to all campuses?

    The University notification message would specifically state whether it was for all Detroit Mercy campuses or if the safety condition just affected one University Campus.

    In case of inclement weather, the late start would most likely apply to all campuses and most off-site programs; however, Detroit Mercy programs at Aquinas College and University Center at Macomb would adhere to those schools’ procedures regarding class cancellations. Students on co-op assignments would follow their employer’s procedure.

  • What does this mean for my class, which starts at 8 a.m.?

    For a 10 a.m. opening, classes scheduled during the hours affected by the delay will be cancelled, as well as classes that start before the late start time of 10 a.m. but cross over to 10 a.m. (e.g., classes that are scheduled 9:30-10:30 a.m. will be cancelled). Faculty and students should report to their normally scheduled class that begins or is in process at the 10 a.m. hour.

  • What if my class or workday begins earlier than 8 a.m.?

    Students whose class or clinical assignment begins prior to 8 a.m. should check with their instructor or clinical supervisor for appropriate instructions when a “late start” day is called.

    Employees whose functions require an earlier start time need to consult with their supervisor for appropriate instructions on when to report to work.

  • If the University does not call a 鈥渓ate start鈥 day or cancel classes for the day, but I an unable to drive to campus due to weather conditions, what should I do?

    All students, faculty and staff must make an individual decision during inclement weather as to their safety in driving to campus. Students should consult with their instructor as to the policy regarding missed class time. If the University remains open and begins the school day on time, any time not worked by an employee would be considered non-paid time.
  • How will I learn if classes have been cancelled or a 鈥渓ate start鈥 has been called?

    Notification of class cancellation or a “late start” designation will be posted on the University’s website and social media platforms, and through the following Detroit area media: TV channels 2, 4, 7, 50 and 62 and radio news stations WWJ-950 AM and WJR-760 AM. In addition, a notice will be sent to all subscribers of the University’s Emergency Alert System.
  • When classes are cancelled, will other University activities be cancelled?

    In most cases, University activities will be cancelled if the University cancels classes for the day. The exception to this is Athletic events, which usually proceed as scheduled even if classes are cancelled.
  • When classes are cancelled on all campuses for the day, how does this affect Detroit Mercy clinics and patients?

    When classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or other safety conditions, appointments at Detroit Mercy clinics are also cancelled.
  • Will any support services be available when classes are cancelled?

    All self-service functions remain available through  to conduct business online.